With .011 percent margin, Ford investigating recount in Sheriff’s race


Discusses possibilities with News & Neighbor

By Jeff Keeling

Town of Jonesborough Operations Manager Craig Ford has spoken with the Washington County Election Commission about the possibility of a recount after initial results show him losing by just 13 votes to incumbent Ed Graybeal in Tuesday’s Washington County Sheriff’s election.

Craig Ford.

Craig Ford.

“We have reached out to the Election Commission, and at this point we’ve learned very little,” Ford told the News & Neighbor Wednesday morning. “I do know they were going to be discussing recount options with the Election Commission in Nashville.”

Ford said he will accept whatever results come from that process, and is aware a recount may not be forthcoming in an era of electronic voting.

“That’s obviously the democratic process,” Ford continued. “The people of Washington County spoke in this election just like they do in any other when they go in and push the button to make a vote.

“If the vote is correct as it stands, I certainly want to congratulate Sheriff Graybeal,” Ford said. “But out of nearly 13,000 votes, a margin of 13 votes, that’s less than a percent.” The margin is 0.07 percent. For that reason, Ford said, he believes it is not out of line to investigate whether a recount is appropriate and possible in an electronic era.

Ford said he felt for and appreciated all the volunteers who contributed to his campaign.

“Of course your thoughts as much as anything are with all the volunteers, the time and effort they put in, when they certainly believe in you.”

Ford said he feels fortunate in his current job as Operations Manager for the Town of Jonesborough.

“It reminds me of an old gospel song, ‘I’m a winner either way.’ I certainly have a great job with the Town of Jonesborough, love the people that I work with and work for as well as the residents we serve there. My decision to run for Sheriff was a tough decision, based on the fact that it would have been very difficult for me to have left the town because they’ve been very good to me.”


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