Washington County students start new school year from home

University School student Connor Shaw shows his school spirit on the first day of 7th grade.

At the close of the 2019-20 school year, there was a sense of hope that the new school year would usher in a return to normalcy – school buses, car lines and noisy cafeterias.

But the COVID-19 epidemic has refused to loosen its grip, even during the dog days of August. And so, this Monday students around the county found a quiet corner in their homes, fired up their Chromebook, computer or tablet and met their new teachers virtually.

It wasn’t ideal, but it was a milestone nonetheless, and parents took a moment to snap photos of their kids as they embarked on a new adventure.

Theodore Berry prepares for his first day of second grade at Ridgeview.
Trey and Eva Marler step out on the front porch for Back to School photos before ducking back inside to do their schoolwork virtually.
Ridgeview students Mason and Cora Salyer prepare for their first day of the new school year. Mason is beginning seventh grade while Cora is starting second grade.

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