Seven days of love during “National Flirting Week”


If you missed out on the ever popular National Flirting week this past year it’s coming around again next February 2020. Get ready and in the meantime I have gathered ten helpful hints for the single man. The commissioners of ‘flirt’ say, “Flirting is not only a great way to connect with people and make new friends (and romantic partners), it’s also a fun way to get romance back into your relationship.”

My last flirting experience was…um…well, I can’t remember, but it was way over 50 years ago before Judy and I were married. However, I think she caught me winking at a Waffle House waitress. I wasn’t flirting, just trying to get a coffee refill.

According to experts, flirting is a science but can be easily learned by reading these 10 easy flirting techniques for men. It would also be my guess that flirting would re-kindle a spark or two for married couples.

  1. Smiling – You must smile. You probably think you smile now, but you really don’t. Practice. Look in the mirror each morning if you can. Be careful, only smile if you still have most of your teeth, otherwise a cute smirk or Elvis lip curl works. Not recommended for snuff dippers or tobacco chewers.
  2. Getting caught looking (Ogling) – That happens to all of us. Most men look away when the object of their desire looks back at them. If caught, give her the old “eye smile.” Close your eyes and grin. You’re not really looking, just smiling while resting your eyeballs.
  3. Waving – If you are still smiling, stop. Look up at the sky and point. She may look up too. After you stop pointing and looking up, nod. She may think you know something other people don’t know. That will impress her and is non-intrusive, a very flirty way to say “hello.”
  4. Winking – It’s always a winning flirt technique. Winks travel far even across the room. This technique is learned early on like in the fourth grade. By that time most of the scars on your shin have healed from the third grade girls kicking you after pulling a pigtail or two. Nods can follow winks if needed.
  5. Be Articulate – As hard as that is to do, it’s a real turn on for the opposite sex. Come up with an intrinsic question like: Why does Goofy stand erect while Pluto remains on all fours? Then impress her with the answer. “They’re both dogs!” Articulating oneself allows her to see you in a more profound light.
  6. Listen to her without interruption – It’s the easiest thing a man can do while always answering in the affirmative. If she asks a question like: “When your pet dog sees you reading the newspaper, does he wonder why you’re just sitting there, staring at carpeting?” Don’t laugh, just say “yes.”
  7. Compliment her flowing hair that it is like the lines of a famous painting. – But don’t get too technical, by asking if it is her natural color. Comparing her hair to works from Andy Warhol may achieve less-than-desirable results.
  8. Show her a photo of your dog or something cute, maybe your mom’s photo – Get her involved with your pet or family. Tell her how well your mom cooks your breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Mention laundry and ironing too. She will be impressed.
  9. Come across as being a confident and self-assured man – Don’t fall apart like a three-dollar watch if she asks a hard question. Be sure to tell her you have tattoos, how many and where they are. Tell her your legal troubles are behind you.
  10. Have original jokes – Remember, flirting should be fun, and you should leave the flirting interaction feeling victorious. This is a winning joke: How many men does it take to open a can of beer? None, it should be open when she brings it to you.

Flirting is a sport. Be a winner and remember the famous Dumb and Dumber movie line by Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) –“So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance!”


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