One more bridge checked off the Tweetsie Trail list


By Tammy Childress

Mitch Cox Companies' Raymond McBride reviews plans for the Tweetsie Trail bridge modification. Photo by Tammy Childress.

Mitch Cox Companies’ Raymond McBride reviews plans for the Tweetsie Trail bridge modification. Photo by Tammy Childress.

Add another sponsored bridge to the growing list of ‘Tweetsie Trail’ sponsors. Mitch Cox Construction Inc. recently confirmed their contribution investing and refurbishing the last bridge near Elizabethton.

“Phil Pindzola, public works director Johnson City, called around Christmas and asked us if we would be interested in contributing to the ‘Tweetsie Trail,’” said Raymond McBride, president, construction, Mitch Cox Construction, Inc.

“We were already working on the Tupelo Honey project and with all the excitement of the revitalization and synergy on what’s being developed downtown, it seemed like a great fit for us. Our executive team collectively decided the trail was something we definitely wanted to make a contribution. We are going to re-deck the surface of the bridge, construct and install the handrails and provide labor for the project. It will be about a $5,000 contribution,” said McBride.

The city is about finished with the infrastructure portion of bridge number seven, the last bridge on the Elizabethton side coming into Johnson City. Then McBride’s team can begin the handrail and deck replacement. When that portion is complete the city will come back and pour the concrete aprons.

“That will be one more bridge to check off the list,” said McBride.  “It’s nice to be in a position to be able to contribute to this project. With the way the economy has been the past few years there hasn’t been a lot of opportunity for us to consider to be able to do major contributions. With a bit of an uptick in the construction market we are excited to be able to help out.  I’m anxious to see how this trail will help to provide growth in Johnson City and Elizabethton.”

Mitch Cox, CEO and founder, Mitch Cox Construction, Inc., agreed, “We are flattered to have been asked by the city to be a part of the Tweetsie Trail and are proud to be able to contribute to the project.”


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