Lake to rise in two weeks: “Every day will be a new lake”

Boater Safety will be key as the lake begins to rise.

For Boone Lake residents who still have objects along the shoreline, this is the last chance to remove them. The lake will begin fluctuating March 15. Right now the lake is set to move up at the rate of approximately two feet per week depending on the weather conditions. The lake should reach 1373 feet at the end of April and hold there for the month of May. That is the elevation where the initial seepage was discovered. The lake should continue to move up into the month of July when it is expected to hit summer pool (1382).

“We are treating it like a first fill,” said Principal Project Manager Sam Vinson during a recent interview on George Grant’s outdoor radio program. “It’s like we built a new dam and now we are putting in water for the first time.” Vinson said he is confident in the process which will prove and confirm all of the work that has been done on the seepage remediation project.

Vinson said that several hundred instruments, including piezometers which measure water pressure and inclinometers which measure slope movement, will be scrutinized by the TVA team.

He said that boater safety will be paramount. “Every day it will be a new lake so people will need to be careful.” Vinson said TVA has worked with TWRA to place signs at all marinas warning of changing lake conditions.

For more information visit Be sure to monitor the TVA Lake Info App for real-time information.


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