Jonesborough Elementary School hosts car line parade


At first blush, there was nothing out of the ordinary about the scene outside Jonesborough Elementary School last Friday evening.

A line of cars snaked behind the middle school and out onto Forest Drive, creating the typical traffic jam that occurs in the mornings and afternoons when students are being dropped off or picked up from the elementary school. But last Friday’s scene was another surreal reminder of how much things have changed over the past month.

Teachers were standing a safe distance apart, many dressed in bright colors and toting signs telling their students how much they love and miss them. And once the line of cars got rolling through the car line route, the students waved eagerly at their teachers. Some of them hung out of car windows or poked their heads up out of sunroofs. All of a sudden, school was the happening place to be on a Friday night.

All involved insisted last Friday’s event was not as much a “goodbye” as it was an “until we meet again.” 

Photos by Dave Ongie

Jonesborough Elementary School teachers Joleene Broyles (left) and Elaine Snapp show off signs they made for students participating in last Friday’s parade through the school’s car line.
First-grade teacher Carla Anderson unleashes some bubbles to make the parade atmosphere more festive.
Jonesborough Elementary principal Matt Combs greets a family driving through the parade route.
Lauren and Maliki Peek decorated their vehicle for the parade.
A young student peeks over the windshield at her teacher.
A student displays a sign she made for the parade.
Many students made signs of their own to pass messages along to their teachers.
Fourth-grade teacher Blake Pierce prepares to greet her students.
A teacher and her family wave at students as they ride by.
A student pokes her head up through the sunroof to get a better look at her teachers.
Jonesborough teacher Amber Haney and her daughter Irlie Kate Haney show off the sign they made.

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