Don’t wait for Halloween to celebrate


When the sun sets next Monday, trick-or-treaters will hit the streets and Halloween will be in full swing.

It’s a festive night for folks of all ages, but you don’t have to wait until Monday to get into a celebratory mood. To quote the late great John Lennon, “You can celebrate anything you want.”

According to the Internet, here are some real holidays you can celebrate between now and Halloween.

Wednesday, Oct. 26
Today is National Pumpkin Day. Celebrate by carving one up into a Jack-O-Lantern. It’s also National Mule Day and National Noah Day, where we celebrate anyone named Noah. It’s National Tennessee Day, which pairs well with National Chicken Fried Steak Day. When you finish dinner, you can go outside and observe Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night.

Thursday, Oct. 27
It’s National Cranky Co-Workers Day, so cut them a little bit of slack. Maybe they had a neighbor who was up all night howling at the moon. Since it’s also National Mentoring Day, maybe you can help your problem co-workers learn to be a little more tolerable for the sake of everyone else in the office. It’s also National Black Cat Day, National American Beer Day and National Navy Day.

Friday, Oct. 28
It’s National William Day, a day to celebrate all those Williams, Willys, Bills and Billys in our lives. It’s also National Chocolate Day, which makes no sense in the lead-up to Halloween. Would you celebrate National Gift-Giving Day three days before Christmas? I don’t think so. Global Champagne Day sounds like a nice way to close out the work week, and it’s also National Breadstick Day. Also, Happy National Frankenstein Day, International Animation Day and National First Responders Day.

Saturday, Oct. 29
It’s been a good run for all the much-maligned black cats that get to double up by celebrating National Cat Day today. It’s also National Internet Day and National Hermit Day. Are you considered a hermit if you don’t leave the house but have a lot of Facebook friends? I’ll need to put some thought into that. It’s National Hug a Sheep Day and National Muddy Dog Day, and Happy National Martina Day to all you Martinas out there.

Sunday, Oct. 30
You can almost feel Halloween in the air, but you’ve got to wait one more day. If you’re feeling spooky already, you can celebrate Haunted Refrigerator Night, where all the Tupperware lids creek open and long-forgotten leftovers terrorize unsuspecting people. If that isn’t scary enough for you, it’s also National Text Your Ex Day. Today is National Candy Corn Day, which is sure to cause arguments among those who love the longstanding treat and those who hate the waxy abomination. It’s National Mischief Night, so if you do happen to get into some trouble, remember that it’s also National Publicists Day and have one of them draft you a statement of regret.

Monday, Oct. 31
It’s finally here! Halloween! However, you should know there are other things to celebrate today. For example, it’s National Books for Treats Day, a day where people can give books to trick-or-treaters. But be advised – you may think of books as candy for the brain, but some angry youngsters looking for chocolate may think of them as projectiles.

Whatever you choose to celebrate, have fun and be safe.


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