Dear Old Dad


Happy Father’s Day from the News & Neighbor

Sunday, June 21, is a day to celebrate dads everywhere. With that in mind, the News & Neighbor put out a call for photos of fathers and their children, and readers came through in a big way.

A good father is a source of strength and wisdom. He has a strong set of shoulders, a steady set of hands and a heart full of love. Those traits are all evident in the photos sent in this past week.

So here’s to all you dads on your special day. We hope you enjoy the ties and coffee mugs.

Loyd K. Baldwin and David L. Baldwin.
Mac Bradley hiking with his sons Isaac and Will.
Jeremy Broyles with his kids Ethan and Lacie.
Brandon, Megan, Crystal, Catelyn, and Madison Burleson.
Gerald Casson and his son Ben.
Corrina Casson reading the paper with her father.
Alex Garrison and his boy Jack.
Allen Greene with his daughter Sydnee.
Steve Haas and his daughter Avery.
Travis Hathaway and his daughter Penelope.
Jason Hensley and his sons Jordan, William and Matthew.
Charlie Jones and his daughter Beverly Sheldon.
Lisa Luster and her late father Ed Yonkey.
Chris Matheson with Audrey, Skylar and Ryleigh.
Chris McIntosh with his sons Connor and Cooper.
Daniel Russell and his family.
Stacy Salyer, his daughter Cora and his son Mason.
Dusty Sayers hiking with his sons Bo and Landon.
Tony Sharp reads to his sons Chip, Danner and Stevens.
Richard Sheldon with Maddie and Grace.
Scott Shrum with his sons Joel and Mark.
Nathan Spurgeon and his daughter Ellianna.
Jim Stouffer with Angela, Teresa, Jim Jr., Leo and Julian.
Raina Williams and her father, who dressed up as Santa Claus last Christmas.

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