Crockett JROTC excels in competitions

The David Crockett Navy JROTC recently participated in a Orienteering Competition. From left to right, Hope Krell, John Laws, Chain Berendonk, Ilyssa Marshall, Haley Webber, Hannah Ward, Caleb Corso and Adina Phebus.

The David Crockett Navy JROTC has been racking up awards as of late in a variety of competitions.

Back on Oct. 31, David Crockett Cadet Hope Krell finished first place in the individual female division at the Duck Island Orienteering Competition, hosted by Volunteer High School. Crockett’s girls and boys both finished third in their respective team competitions.

Crockett also notched a third-place finish in the Trailblazer CMP Cup Air Rifle match, which was hosted by Daniel Boone’s Marine Corps JROTC. Cadet Haley Webber was the Blue Team High Shooter with a score of 531, and Cadet Adina Phebus was the GOLD Team High Shooter with a score of 524.

The Crockett Air Rifle Team also competed in the McDowll Titan CMP Cup Air Rifle Match on Nov. 5. Alexis Fisher finished first in the prone competition and second in the kneeling completion while her teammate Cadet Webber finished runner-up in the prone competition. Crockett’s Blue Team finished fourth overall.

Crockett also won an academic contest, the Area Nine East Academic Brain Brawl, on Nov. 7 with Adina Phebus, Alex Brown, Ilyssa Marshall and Terry Bailey representing the school. The Crockett Air Rifle team also prevailed in a competition at Volunteer High School on Nov. 7. Alexis Fisher was the first-place shooter overall. Adina Phebus was second, Evan Raynor was third and Alex Brown was fourth.


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