Cell phone dangers lurking


Not only using a cell phone or texting while driving is dangerous, a number of other dangers are now being discovered by physicians and scientists around the world. While watching a recent news show one of the ladies mentioned she had been looking at her phone so much she was developing a double chin. Humm….there’s a column idea.

I see evidence of the danger while driving around our city. Walking talkers or texters are creating a traffic hazard as their heads are buried in their phones looking down not up. Yes, they are exercising but at the same time creating their own physical problems that could develop sooner rather than later. 

Cell phone gawking is worldwide. In Seoul South Korea red lights have been placed within the concrete sidewalks at intersections and cross walks to let the cell phoners keep their eyes on the itty bitty screen letting them know not to cross the street. When the sidewalk light turns green it is safe to cross the street.  
Why not leave your phone at home? Just think. When our phones had wires, humans were free.  One generation has never been without cell phones. Many of us still remember the neighborhood party line phone. Why not enjoy looking at the birds, beautiful flowers or other walkers. 

As our smartest friend, Albert Einstein said. “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”  

It has come to light this past weekend that Facebook users are unconsciously sending their personal information via answering stupid questions or complaining about politics right or left to those west coast geeks who use our personal information to make money. I, along with many others are on the fast track to becoming examples of Einstein’s generation of idiots.  What’s the point of being afraid of a Zombie Apocalypse when you are already a Zombie yourself?

We are all guilty of over indulging on cell phone usage. We are now addicted to our easy-to-use cell phones. 

This is true folks. Studies have shown that excessive use of cell phones and by constantly looking down can lead to double chins. Who needs a double chin? Unfortunately, I inherited mine from mom’s side of the family. I already have one so I don’t need to worry. Studies show by keeping our heads bent down for long periods of time looking at phones or tablets, neck muscles tend to shorten increasing the pull on the skin. 
Look what happens when you lift weights an hour a day, five days a week. You develop bulging muscles. The opposite happens as you read 150 text messages a day, seven days a week.
Some medical people are calling it “tech neck.”  I’m calling it “Cell Manella”, both equally bad. They say you will develop the neck of a much older person by looking down all the time causing neck muscles to shorten and the gravitational pull on the skin a ’la sagging double chins.

While researching this additional cosmetic worry I discovered Australian plastic surgeons and cosmetic physicians call the problem “Smartphone Face” or “Cellphone Face”.  These medical professionals may soon prescribe some type of neck brace or exercise to strengthen the sagging chins.

Even British cosmetic surgeons have noticed the level of facial decline. An article published in a British newspaper headline reads: Smartphone face?  “Apparently coined by British cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mervyn Patterson, the term describes a combination of sagging jowls, double chins, and “marionette lines,” those vertical creases that run from the corners of the mouth towards the chin. As Patterson explains to the London Evening Standard, ‘If you sit for hours with your head bent slightly forward, staring at your iPhone or laptop screen, you may shorten the neck muscles and increase the gravitational pull on the jowl area, leading to a drooping jawline.’ The name also works on another level; face sag becomes especially noticeable when you take photos of yourself or video-chat on your portable device.”

I recently generated a selfie and was shocked by all of the above. In addition to my double chin I noticed sagging jowls and that other stuff have taken over a once youthful appearance.


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