Patrick Good is coming home


Patrick Good is coming home.

A few days after being granted his release from Appalachian State, Good — David Crockett’s all-time leading scorer — told the News & Neighbor that he will be attending East Tennessee State University next season.

Good spent his freshman year at ASU and will be forced to sit out the upcoming season for the Bucs. But the rising sophomore said that won’t be a big deal, as he will compete all he can in practice and continue to get better, awaiting his chance during his redshirt sophomore season.

“I am going to be competing every workout, every practice and every weightlifting session. Just in everything that I do,” he said. “Obviously when they’re on the court, I am going to be competitive in handing out water or whatever I have to do.”

Being able to come home and play for a school that he grew up watching will be special for Good.

“I love the city that I grew up in and I am thrilled with the opportunity,” Good said. “I know a lot of people support me and love ETSU. So if you put those two things together, we may be able to have something special.”

Good said he hopes that his competitive spirit and big heart will help him earn minutes with the Bucs.

“I know that Coach (Steve) Forbes lets his players play,” Good said. “So I know that if I compete in practice and I work hard, I know that will lead to good things.”

Even knowing that, Good said that he text recent ETSU graduate A.J. Merriweather to seek his advice and how his experience was under the current coaching staff. Good said that Merriweather told him it was a great place and something he shouldn’t pass up.

“It was just like seeking a big brothers advice and he said that he loved his time there and he told me it was something that I couldn’t pass up,” Good said. “And he just wanted me to be a member of the ETSU family.”

Good — a 6-foot, 162-pound guard — announced last week that he would be transferring from Appalachian State University. He appeared in 29 of the Mountaineers 30 games during his freshman season averaging 22.6 minutes and 7.0 ppg, while shooting 41 percent from behind the arc.

Good said that the year he spent as a Mountaineer was invaluable to him and his career.

“I appreciate the year I spent at Appalachian State and I am appreciative to the coaches, teammates and everyone that helped me during my first year in college,” he said. “I wouldn’t trade that year for anything.”

He said that leaving Appalachian State has been weighing on him over the summer.

“This was a decision that I had to make based on faith, and then my family and myself,” he said.

Good said that he attended the University of Tennessee and ETSU game in Johnson City over winter break and seeing the new enthusiasm for the program was something that really caught his attention.

“Just knowing that my basketball career will be played in the city that I grew up with and the city that I love, it’s just really special,” Good said. “Every home game is going to be something special.”

Good said that he was also thrilled with the opportunity to be closer to home, where he can spend more time with his family.

“My family is just so important to me and I appreciate everything that my mom and dad, and my brother and sister have done for me,” Good said. “I wouldn’t be anywhere without them, so I am glad that I’ll be able to play all my home games in front of them.


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