Letter to the editor wants to be a ‘Guitar God!” My Music!!!


Compiled by Bill Derby

This is a story about a musician in the making and his current life situations that was sent to me. I have not edited per his request.


My Music….

Music is my life! I mean it. I could relly just sit around all day and just listen to music. I don’t care if its on CDs, radios, tapes, TV, or even life music. Whatever!! As long as its good music I dig it and also enjoy it.

So what makes good music you might ask? Well, for one thing it has to have loud guitars in it and those guitars must be played fast with lots of high notes and a good deal of distrotion. And it must also have drums too. And some base, of course (all good music has base!). And the singer should also be good and sing about meaningful things like isuues such as life, death, and drugs and even relation chips.

Eventually I hope to have a sucesful career in the music biz. Right now I don’t have a job, but I want to work in a music store and sell guitars and other sorted instruments like bases and amps and even drums. I have already applied for some jobs but they always tell me they don’t need anybody right now. But that’s OK they can keep their dang job!! I’ll prolly just start my own store and call it THE GUITAR GOD MUSIC STORE!

Right now I’m getting some valubale experience by selling musical stuff on EBAY!! I haven’t had to much luck so far, but I’m only just starting! So give me a brake!!! And I also watn to learn how to play the guitar as well, I think that will help me be a better salesman cuz I can demonstrate the varius guitras to my customors and sell the guitar that best meets their particular needs!

I used to take trumbone, but I decided that’s not for me. I mean when was the last time you heard a good song that had a tombone on it??? Think about it!! If I would a stuck with the trumbones then you wood have to call me Trumbone God! LOL. Trumbones = No way. Guitars = Yes!

So, to sumarize, my name is the GUITAR GOD and music is my life! I plan to make a career out of music.




My Girlfriend

Meet Myrtle, my girl (but don’t call her Turtle!!). OK, she may not be the best looking girl in the world, but she has a big heart. Well look at me. I mean I’m not exacly Brad Pits! She actuly looks better than the picture shows because her hair is now alot shorter and she got some eyeglasses. The zits have alos cleared up for the most part.  But I think she might a put on a little weight (that girl eats more than me!).

We’ve been going toegether for almost a year off and on. We met at school, but we never had any classes together. I went outside to have a smoke and there she was smoking too! I think it was some kind of carma that caused us to meat that day.

I asked her if she might like to go on a drive with me after school and she says Sure why not? I don’t have antyhing better to do. And I go Alright! And the rest is hystory!

Anyways, we usually get along good cept when we fight and argue. Mainly its about stuff that I can’t even talk about here ‘cuz this column is rated G for general audeinces. But usually things are good and we spend time together and watch the TV and drive around and listen to music and “stuff” (if you know what I mean!!). We’ll prolly get married at some time in the future, as soon as I open my music store and she gets herself a job.

Now, about school. I was smart and left school as soon as I could. The law says I can quit when I turn 16 so I followed the law and that’s exatcly what I did!

I just didn’t like it at school and the teachers were pretty stupid if you ask me. I mean really. Why should I have to read “Great Expectorations” by Charles Dickson? This is the US of A we live in, not the united kingdom of England!! And it was a very thick book too and I couldn’t really understand what was going on with this guy Pip!! And then their’s math! Give me a brake! I can add stuff up and that’s pretty much all the math I need. I mean when was the last time you had to do some algebra? Be honest! I was never much good in goegraphy or history either. I mean, I don’t plan to do much traveling and what’s past is past, right? And I wont’ even talk about Spanish class!! They gotta be kidding with that stuff!

Plus look at all of the great rock stars. I bet none of them spent to much time in shcool, right?.

I have graduated from the “School of Hard Knocks”. I’m known as the GUITAR GOD. That’s me!!


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