Ladies…this is for men only…make sure you make him read it!


By Bill Derby

What makes a man sexy? This age old question is answered by women’s comments below. I have added my thoughts at the end of each sex question.

Men, you need to read what makes you sexy to get back on the right track from where you have departed.

What makes men sexy?…

1. “When they care for you just as much as you care for them… and they actually show it.” -Jolene, 33.  I showed my love to Judy on her first birthday as my wife. I bought her a chopping block.

2. “What makes a man sexy is his ability to support his partner’s dreams and goals and be loyal to her in a supportive manner.”-Justine, 25. I’ve always supported Judy’s dreams including her nightmares.

3. “A guy who uses eye contact and can hold a conversation. It shows a mature confidence about him, and to me that’s extremely sexy.”-Joelle, 25. When she says… “Look at me when I’m talking”..I will do that.

4. “Sexy to me is when a man wants to be with you and only you and is not tempted by anyone or anything that comes along. One who knows what he wants, knows what he has, values it, and does anything in his power to never let it slip away.” -Jenna, 25.  To me that’s a good trait except golf should be exempt from this rule when it comes to slipping away for a golf game. Golf balls are also a huge value. So are putters. 

5. “A man with motivation, confidence, and a great sense of humor.”-Kelly, 26.  There are certain levels of motivation especially around the house. I have motivated confidence I will pull those weeds one of these days.

6. “A man who feels honored to be able to love his lady in return and isn’t afraid to show it in front of anyone. Too many people take love for granted and when a man knows what he has and appreciates it, I find that to be very attractive.” -Ashley, 28.  I do that. I hold Judy’s hand while she helps me up the steps.

7. “Tattoos, a beard and dark mysterious eyes.” -Sarah, 22.  I have a tattoo and so does one of my band members who talked me into it. I grew a beard and have dark circles under my eyes. There you go. Sex machine.  

8. “It’s sexy to see a man with confidence and it’s also very sexy to see a man caring for children or animals.”-Dana , 25.  I love children usually and animals except for carpenter bees.

9. “A guy who is not afraid to express his raw emotions, fights for his lady, has a good sense of honor and — can’t forget — a good taste in music!” -Danielle, 22.  I’ve been accused of being emotionally raw and never forget anything except birthdays, names and I forget what other stuff.

10. “A man who is chivalrous and who can be a goof ball without worrying what everybody else thinks.” -Blakely, 20. I have photos to prove goof ball. What does chivalrous mean?

11. “What makes a man sexy to me is one who still has old school charm and after being together for years, still opens every door for me… oh, and one who rides the lawn mower and cuts the grass ;)” -Sam, 24. I sold the lawn mower 28-years ago and I guess being an “old fart” qualifies as old school charm.

12. “A kind, true, honest heart who knows how to make a woman feel loved and wanted.” -Courtney, 27. I cook. I cook a lot. And that’s a qualifier.

13. “What makes a man sexy is the way he looks a woman in her eyes and pushes that single strand of hair back behind her ear.” -Brittany, 25. I’ve painted her toenails and occasionally pull a hair out of the food.

14. “The way a man kisses is sexy to me; it says a lot..” -Kristie, 37. Cracked and bleeding lips probably won’t qualify.

15. “I find dark hair and a 5 o’clock shadow very sexy. Overall I’d say ambition, intelligence, old school values and the kind of guy that makes you feel safe and protected.” -Anne, 31. I have gray hair and deadbolts on the doors.

16. “To me, what makes a man sexy is his sense of humor. I honestly care more about whether a guy can make me laugh than his looks. Someone who just doesn’t take life too seriously and has the ability to laugh at ridiculous or stressful situations. If you can make me laugh, your sexiness skyrockets…” -Brenda, 32.  “Hey honey…pull my finger!”

17. “Intelligence makes a man sexy in my book..” – Jess, 34. I graduated college and took some classes more than once.

18. “Nice eyes always seem to pull me in, but if someone’s soul is pure, that’s the sexiest of it all.” -Laura, 38. The mule kick straightened out my eyes and I watch “Soul Train.”

19. “A sexy man is one who can make a woman laugh like there’s no tomorrow, make her feel like she can be herself — even at her worst. Also, one who often surprises her — whether it be learning something new about him that makes your attraction for him stronger or something as simple as receiving flowers — the smallest surprises bring the biggest smiles. That is a sexy man! -Dana, 26.  “Hey honey…pull my finger!

20. “Loyalty is incredibly sexy and so is honesty.” -Lynn, 49. “I checked out a book at the library in 1959 and still have it.”

21. “A sexy man is someone who is not afraid to show his lady that he cares for her by doing the little things…opening doors, carrying her over rain puddles so she doesn’t ruin her new shoes, cooking dinner. These things exude sex appeal.” -Noelle, 41. “Noelle, I’m the oldest rat in the barn and have been doing this crap for years. I’m sexy and I know it.”


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