2020 Consumer Guide coming soon!

The 2019 Consumer How-To Guide

The publication is a handy and valuable “buying and service guide” for products and services offered in the local area.

The award-winning special edition offers a wealth of information about specific products and services such as auto loans, eye care, building materials, mortgages, audiologists, and more.

All categories are EXCLUSIVE to your product or service!

Additional information:

• 32,000 copies with 31,000 inserted inside The News & Neighbor and 1,000 copies distributed to customers.

• Exclusive customer “How-To” free editorial on left-hand page and customer’s marketing message on the right-hand page.

• Give your company a competitive advantage.

• All inside pages are process color.

• Very long shelf life.

• Consumer prime buying time.

• Valuable and informative consumer information on how to buy, or use your service.

• Delivered into prime customer homes.

• Perfect to generate new business, store traffic and leads.

• Magazine will be available for download for the entire year.

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Advertising Deadline: Wednesday, April 8 2020 for all advertising materials

Wednesday, April 8 2020 for all advertising materials

Publish Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 Inserted inside The Johnson City News & Neighbor


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