A note to our readers, advertisers and subscribers

While we must grudgingly accept the new normal within our community for at least the next few weeks, we are determined to make the best of it. So, please be aware that The Johnson City News & Neighbor maintain our commitment to providing you with news and information to help you see the good news of the week. We plan to continue our normal publication schedule.

We ask that you also keep us posted on the good news in your world: Knowledge is power for us all, and as we spend less time in face-to-face dialogue with each other, publications like ours can help maintain the sense of community we share.

We need to share the good news with each other, so that while our community is honestly aware of the challenges we face, we can still be uplifted by our continued joys and successes.

We wish good health to all our readers and advertisers and we look forward to the day we can shake hands with you again and begin to seize the new opportunities awaiting us on the other side of this crisis.

The Johnson City News & Neighbor team


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