Town of Jonesborough inspector wins award


The Upper East Tennessee Building Officials Association awarded previous Town of Jonesborough Inspector J.W. Greene with Code Official of the year 2020.

Greene has been the Building Inspector for the Town of Jonesborough for the past 14 years, but he has devoted over 30 years of his career as an inspector.

The Upper East Tennessee Building Officials Association is made up of a group of local Building Officials representing 13 Northeastern Counties spanning from Hamblen County to Unicoi County near the Tennessee/North Carolina State line.

The UETBOA helps to coordinate uniformed building codes among the International Codes Council and area Building Departments, promotes public awareness to Building and Fire Codes, and helps to address regional problems throughout these areas.

“J.W. has been an extremely valuable mentor to me, especially when I became a new Inspector myself, but he is also a very highly respected mentor to both new Contractors as well as Contractors who been in the business for years, not only within the Town of Jonesborough but throughout our area,” Town of Jonesborough Inspector Brian Tapp said.

Tapp continued, “For J.W. to receive the award of Code Official of the year 2020 shows the asset he is to the Construction trades but also the way he carries himself as an inspector. He is one that is always willing to help with any Code related issues or questions someone may have and also have the ability to enforce the codes in a very professional and respectful manner. Not only is it an honor for me to get to work with him on a daily basis, but also continue to learn from him every day. I feel that the award he has received is very deserving and it is an honor to have J.W. to continue to be involved with the Town of Jonesborough Building Department, but most importantly, the safe development and the continued growth of our Town.”


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