New National Holiday proposal…. politically neutral and fun for all!


By Bill Derby

Last week some of us enjoyed a day off work celebrating President’s day. Not everyone gets that day off. I came up with a proposal to add another holiday whereby everyone could enjoy a fun day off work.

My proposal would add a more up-to-date holiday and just about all America’s workers could take the day off and celebrate with their children. Kids could spend the holiday with their parents learning about art, enjoying gourmet food, mutual respect, participating in exercise events and generally, just having a fun day off.

Last Monday’s news announced Chicago is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the movie, ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,’ with a ‘Ferris Fest’ scheduled in May.  In the movie Ferris finagled a day off from school faking being sick with an elaborate phone answering message. He also convinced his two best friends to spend the day with him enjoying a holiday.

What a wonderful idea. If you haven’t seen the movie be sure to catch it so you can appreciate the significance of my holiday suggestion.

Ferris and his friend borrowed his best friend’s dad’s Ferrari to drive around Chicago visiting an art gallery, dining at a fancy restaurant, swimming for exercise, marching in a parade and generally enjoying the freedom of a day off from school. We could do the same thing taking a day off from the daily grind.

We would first have to pertition the next President who would certainly be in favor since they currently favor any voter who asks for a favor.

First, and most importantly, the son should ask dad for the keys to his car or even his favorite truck, Mercedes, Mustang, BMW, Camaro or especially his Corvette. Convince dad to let the son drive since it’s a special occasion.

Plans could be made for mom and dad to plan a trip to the Slocum Art Gallery at ETSU or travel over to the Biltmore in Asheville, always a fun place to see old stuff. Since so many people would be on holiday, tours would be scheduled every 10 minutes. Parking could be a headache.

Next, plan an elaborate luncheon at your favorite sit-down restaurant but without reservations. Surprise the hostess or maître d’ with your group of ten friends and family. Wait for the perfect table and order a very expensive lunch. Tell dad it’s only once a year.

The schedule should include a couple hours swimming at your favorite swimming hole, a friend’s family pool, motel pool or municipal pool.  For the really great escape, share a spa experience with mom and dad. Swim laps together in the pool but not in the spa. Talk dad into getting that pedicure he desperately needs.

In preparation for the ‘Ferris Bueller’s’ Day Off Holiday’, have city commission invest and schedule a downtown parade on Main Street with marching bands, cool rock bands and bluegrass groups ending at Founder’s Park for a’ mini-Woodstock’ concert. Ask commissioners to block off Main Street for t-shirt and funnel cake vendors.

By the end of the day of the new ‘Ferris Beuller Fest Holiday’ mom and dad will be dragging themselves around exhausted, full of gourmet food, swimming, pedicures and art exhibits. The kids will want to stay out late to hear the rock festival and continue to celebrate Ferris’ Day Off.


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