Looking for goodness in the world? Look no further than Hobart Powell


By Mike Jennings

With this being my final column for the summer, I have struggled on how best to bring this to a conclusion.

When I started back in the spring, my goal was to encourage more folks to put golf on their radar of activities to try.  Hopefully I accomplished that and maybe even shared a laugh or a decent tip or two along the way.  At the end of the day, golf is such a great game, and I really think if you give it a try you will come to the same conclusion.

What has been funny is that while sharing how golf can positively impact your life, I have taken a closer look at how it has impacted mine.  Weekly I have found myself reflecting on a lot of old memories and many of the people who have passed through my life.  Most of them contributed a little along the way, but in looking back, there is one person who impacted me more than any other.  That person is Hobart Powell.

I am proud that I can call Hobe my friend. Our friendship began so long ago and was cemented through years of talking, laughing and sharing our thoughts on life.  I’m not sure Hobe ever realized how much he was teaching me during this time.  Not just through his words, but more importantly, through his actions.

Hobe has never met a stranger.  He always has time for a handshake and a smile before asking how you are doing.  Most importantly, he actually cares about your answer.  If Hobe has two cookies in his hand, you better believe one of them is for you.  With his infectious laugh, broad smile and aura of positivity, he always leaves a room feeling better for having him in it.  After time with Hobe, you simply felt better about yourself, and you realize there really is some goodness in a world you often felt lacked that quality.

I always hoped to find out Hobe’s secret for being the way he was.  I came to find the answer was simple – Hobe was content and appreciative of what he had.  Hobe felt he had health, family and friends, and that was all he needed.

The only thing that could be better is if you shared that same good fortune.  Yes, I always wanted to be more like Hobe.  I tried and failed like so many.  But I truly believe that in trying to be more like Hobart Powell it positively contributed to the person I am today.

Yeah, golf is basically chasing a little white ball around.   For some it brings stress, to some it seems silly, for some it is a quest, for others merely a form of relaxation.  It is all those things and fills many different needs for many different people.

But for me, golf is more about the experiences and people that you encounter along the way.  My life has been better for having Hobart Powell in it, and that never would have happened without golf.  For me, that is reason enough for anyone to take up the game.


Mike Jennings is the head golf professional at Pine Oaks Golf Course. For more information on instruction or events at Pine Oaks, call 423.434.6250.


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