JCHA chosen to take over management of John Sevier Center

Johnson City Development Authority Executive Director Dianna Cantler. PHOTO BY DAVE ONGIE

The Johnson City Development Authority (JCDA) voted unanimously to begin contract negotiations with the Johnson City Housing Authority as the property management agent of the John Sevier Center.  This important change to management comes after many months of consideration by the Operations Committee, a subcommittee of the JCDA. 

“The goal of the JCDA is to provide a clean, safe, healthy environment for current and future residents of the John Sevier, and to maintain a strong relationship with residents so we can meet their needs,” said Dianna Cantler, Executive Director “Following a lengthy process where we evaluated over 20 areas of service, the board voted to begin the transfer of management agent to the Johnson City Housing Authority.”

“M&M Management has managed the property for over 20 years, and we respect their work, particularly their care for the residents,” said Hank Carr, John Sevier Operations Committee Chair. “M&M and their staff have helped the JCDA through a difficult process and provided a stabilized environment for the residents. We appreciate all they have done to keep the building in working condition and in providing service to the residents.”

Four of the key categories of service that the JCDA used in evaluation are residents’ services and retention, maintenance and building upkeep, cost management, and financial reporting. Each of these areas were broken into multiple sections and then each agency was given a score based on what they could provide. The recommendation of the John Sevier Task Force was to begin working with HUD to transfer the management agent to the Johnson City Housing Authority.  Particular care will be taken to make the transition as seamless as possible for residents. 

This process will take approximately 70 days and M&M will be asked to maintain management services until the transfer is approved by HUD.


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