How many of these Tennessee towns have you been through?


Compiled by Bill Derby

I have had the opportunity to visit many states over the years and enjoy driving and discovering new towns or just a spot in the road. Here are a number of actual town names in Tennessee. I’ve been through a few.

Have you ever visited?

Ballplay: There is nothing there except basketball courts, baseball diamonds and one badminton court behind the mayor’s house. Their claim to fame in Monroe County was when a post office was established in 1830 until it was discontinued in 1910, torn down and turned into a ball field.

Blue Goose: “Toe” Cogdell gave Blue Goose community its name. Evidently this Henderson County community was a party town. During its early years, gambling and slot machines referred to as “one-armed bandits” were in Blue Goose for those desiring such entertainment. They were housed in a separate building that was operated as a beer joint.

Bugscuffle: South of Nashville, great restaurant at the filling station. Known for their large cricket population.

Bugtussle:  North of Nashville where songs come from along with bubbling up crude since it was Jed Clampett’s hometown. The mayor of Bugtussle visited Jed once in Beverly Hills. The mayor’s house sat on the TN/KY line. Go in the front door in Tennessee and out the back door into Kentucky.

Bucksnort: I’ve been there and it’s in Hickman County. Has a motel and bar. Hickman County has more deer population than people so I guess after the deer hunters are finished shootin’ bucks, they head to the bar for a snort.

Deep Gap: Must have borrowed the name from their North Carolina neighbor near Boone. The town has disappeared and only a residential road exists today between two hills near Jackson.

Defeated: Named after a creek in Smith County in middle TN. The little one-room school students have never won a game of anything. It’s listed on the same road sign as Difficult, TN. So, if you turn left you will be in Difficult trouble, turn right and you lose.

Difficult: See above. The people will not answer direction questions if you ever get lost driving through. It’s a county full of depressed people.

Disco: A fun town in Blount County with street dances every Saturday night but the community has fallen on hard times since the 1970s. They are going to change the name to Contra.

Ducktown: I’ve been there and it has a city hall. Population has grown from 425 to 475 when a few sweethearts decided to finally get married.

Finger: In McNairy County where “Walking Tall” sheriff Buford Pusser lived and whopped anybody making lewd gestures.

Life: Near Jackson and a healthy place to put down roots.

Nameless: A real town east of Nashville where people hide out from IRS agents.

Only: Another spot in Hickman County.  Very exclusive place to live.

Paris: Have been there and even know people from Paris. They are very nice and speak west Tennessean and are known for having the largest fish fry in the world serving 12,500 pounds of fried Tennessee River catfish with all the fixins. The plate of fish comes with slaw and a free package of Alka Seltzer.

Smartt: Just outside of McMinnville. Microsoft is thinking of building a ‘Microsoft 10’ help center in Smartt.

Static: Nothing moves in Static but if you do, you get a shock. Split down the middle of the Kentucky and Tennessee state line. City can’t get anything approved by either state, thus, Static.

Sweet Lips: Southwest Tennessee spot with no stop signs cause they don’t want you stopping since the town is full of pretty gals.


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