Consumer How-To Guide coming April 8th!


HowTo_2015Full of valuable information for consumers, the 2015 Consumer How-To Guide will be published April 8th and delivered inside your News & Neighbor. 


•  32,000 copies with 31,000 inserted inside The News & Neighbor and 1,000 copies distributed to customers.

• Exclusive customer “How-To” free editorial on left-hand page and customer’s marketing message on the right-hand page.

•  Give your company a competitive advantage.

•  Attractive, magazine format with glossy cover.

•  All inside pages are process color.

•  Very long shelf life.

•  Consumer prime buying time.

•  Valuable and informative consumer information on how to buy, or use your service.

•  Delivered into prime customer homes.

•  Perfect to generate new business, store traffic and leads.

•  Magazine will be available for download at the News & Neighbor website,, for the entire year.

Download the rates for the 2015 Consumer How-To Guide here.

Download the specs (sizes, bleeds, live area, color settings) for the 2015 Consumer How-To Guide here.


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