Chamber now out of contract on mill, free to review offers


More than two months after first reportsd the Chamber of Commerce’s intent to dissolve its contract with a developer on the General Mills, the contracts dissolution is complete. Chamber CEO Gary Mabrey sent out the following release this afternoon.

Gary Mabrey

Gary Mabrey

The Chamber Foundation has accepted Evolve Development’s notice of termination of the contract for the sale of the old General Mills property.  The developer had planned a multi-family housing development for that site.  After conversations between the parties, the President of the Chamber of Commerce serving Johnson City/Jonesborough/Washington County, Gary Mabrey, has notified Evolve Development that the chamber’s foundation has accepted its notice of termination of the contract.

“I have notified Evolve Development that the chamber foundation has accepted their notice of termination and that the agreement to sell the old General Mills property is dissolved and terminated.” said Mabrey. “We can now review the deals that our real estate firm, TCI, has received over the past few months and actively market the property for sale again.”

At least one of those deals came into the public eye when reported by News and Neighbor. It is an offer from entrepreneur Joe Baker, who has restored several downtown historic buildings including two former railroad depots. If his offer is accepted, Baker hopes to renovate as much of the original building as is feasible. A link to the story can be found here:


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