Bank of Tennessee employees make donation to local animal shelter

At left, Bank of Tennessee’s Tom Whitson and Elizabeth Smith with the donation made to The Bridge No-Kill Animal Shelter on behalf of BoT employees.

Bank of Tennessee employees collectively lost a total of 223 pounds during a recent six-week, company-wide commitment to healthy living.

Their loss was the gain of a local animal shelter, which received a pound-for-pound donation of food following the completion of the initiative. Over 200 pounds of dog food was donated to The Bridge No-Kill Animal Shelter in Washington County.

“The bank is committed to helping everyone work toward being healthier. It is a lifelong challenge and having others to keep the motivation focused is helpful. Weight loss is secondary, but the animals will benefit as a result,” said Dale Fair, CEO of Bank of Tennessee. 

Bank of Tennessee is focused on encouraging healthy employee lifestyles. This includes workout centers in certain branches for employees, free fitness classes, and voluntary challenges for employees that focus on overall health and not just weight loss. In addition to challenges and facilities, physical fitness trainers are available to employees and all Bank of Tennessee campuses are tobacco-free environments. 

Bank of Tennessee employees make donation to local animal shelter

The voluntary challenge allows employees to join teams for accountability and encouragement, therefore building stronger relationships with co-workers in addition to healthier lives. 

The health challenge isn’t just about weight loss; it is about overall health and building better habits.

“Before this challenge I drank very little water, I now drink water throughout the day and evening,” said Lynn, a team member at Bank of Tennessee. “I eat less fast food; instead, I’m eating more fruits, veggies, and healthier foods. I also work out and walk more than ever. This challenge has made me aware of my overall health and the need to keep up these healthier eating habits.”

Health and wellness have always been a priority for bank employees, the opportunity to give back to the community, through a donation to the shelter makes it easy to work hard and stay on track.


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