The Spirit of Soul Dance Band members include a varied group of professionals and musicians:
  Jeff Williams is lead singer with a long history of vocal accomplishments. "The re-emergence of our great dance music is no shock to those who know the genre. You can't just play or sing these songs; you have to feel them and they really move you."
  Robin Williams, Jeff's wife is one of the band's two female vocalists. She spent time in musical theatre and later toured the Southeast with a Dinner Show Band. Robin also takes lead on many of our songs.
  Mary Duke McCartt adds her sweet harmonies and leads to the group. Having years of experience with various choral groups and solo performances, she gives the perfect balance to our high energy vocal trio.
  Chuck Gordon and Bill Derby both play lead and rhythm guitars and have played music together since age 15. Over the years Chuck studied jazz guitar and theory, and Bill played and toured with numerous bands while in the service. Their playing is heavily influenced by their upbringing in the soul and R&B music of the 60's & 70's.
  Howard Bloom the group's bass player, brings his talent that is so important to the R&B, Soul and Beach Music sound. Howard's experience includes world tours with the Mitch Ryder Band. He has also recorded six albums during his musical career and performed with numerous well-known artists.
  Sam Huddleston, playing tenor sax, has played and toured with several soul bands from the late sixties on. "I've always enjoyed playing the sax because you can put so much feeling into the horn. You touch so many people with music and it transcends generations, gender and language."
    Melanie Aldridge brings to the horn section a strong trumpet, along with flute and background vocals. She also plays an important role in helping the band with musical and vocal arrangements. When not with SOS, she's playing french horn in the local symphony and the community concert band.
  Norman Gray plays a soulful trumpet putting out pure sound that completes the brass section. Norman has a long background in music, playing with many brass ensembles and the community concert band. "Playing with the Spirit of Soul band gives me a chance to play fun dance material that people can cut loose and have a blast."
  Don Nickell brings many years of experience to the band since picking up a pair of drumsticks at age 15. Don's music experience includes years of playing Rock n' Roll, Southern Rock and Rhythm and Blues. Don provides a steady rhythm and funky beat for Spirit of Soul, as his playing days include working with jazz singer Randy Crawford and guitarist Lonnie Mack.
  Fred Goodwin, the group's keyboard artist, started his music career at age 13. Fred turned pro at 18 and has played with many groups including Wilson Pickett, Clarence Carter, Four Tops, John Denver, Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Dorsey and B.B. King. He was a featured artist in Jazz Player magazine in 1996, and brings his wide range of talent to cover songs in our genre of music.